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"I would sooner come with you; yes, I feel I must come with you. Do let me. And you will promise to talk to me all the time? No one talks so wonderfully as you do."

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Texte courant - Excitavit hic ardor milites per municipia plurima, quae isdem conterminan :

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in scaphas eisdem sensim nihil opinantibus adsistebant et incendente aviditate saevitiam ne cedentium quidem ulli parcendo Lien vers une page merces opimas velut viles nullis repugnantibus avertebant.

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"For you I would throw over anybody, Duchess," said Lord Henry with a bow.

"Ah! that is very nice, and very wrong of you," she cried; "so mind you come"; and she swept out of the room, followed by Lady Agatha and the other ladies.

When Lord Henry had sat down again, Mr. Erskine moved round, and taking a chair close to him, placed his hand upon his arm.

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He glanced quickly round and rose to his feet. "I beg your pardon. I thought--"

"You thought it was my husband. It is only his wife. You must let me introduce myself. I know you quite well by your photographs. I think my husband has got seventeen of them."

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"That was at Lohengrin, Lady Henry, I think?"

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"Forty of us, in forty arm-chairs. We are practising for an English Academy of Letters."